Online Art Exhibition

Collage Work

Collage is originally a technique that is mainly used in applied arts. Through using various materials, such as magazines, newspapers, paint, fabric and so on, various forms are created, designing a new piece. The technique has been a common method used in youth work, due to its potential for artistic expression and reflection. Although there is not one single aim or certain steps to be followed, the ideal way is to give time to participants to get to know their materials, in order to communicate and reflect themselves through these materials. In this way, the material becomes the tool of communication. The method also provides flexibility to the participants, and freedom of decision of how to and which materials to use. Using various colors, textures and visuals do provide participants a space to reflect on the theme of the workshop/event. It is, therefore a method that enables communication of feelings and ideas. Collage making can take place both individually and collectively, according to the theme and aim of the event.