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Lego® Serious Play®

The “Lego® Serious Play®” method is a “playful” tool of communicative co-creation of fostering equality also in groups with different backgrounds, e.g. cultural, religious, age. It combines play, emotional link with childhood, constructionism, thoughts, language, reflection and conceptual metaphors. Lego® Serious Play® is used to support individual coaching, workshops and processes on visions, values and behaviour of teams or larger groups/communities as well as strategies and scenarios of businesses, communities or local/regional development. By using Lego® bricks as metaphors, subliminal ideas are put into 3D models- first individually, then of all who take part as a last step also external factors and their input can be simulated.

The goal is (besides others) to build up future strategies and scenarios in a very plastic way where a diversity of people (with different language skills, different socioeconomic backgrounds, different education (levels) etc) can easily participate and express their ideas.