Online Art Exhibition

Multi-Modal Arts Approach

This approach is a group-based relational learning process that brings together participants to co-produce art and knowledge that reflects the diverse identities of participants, whilst building a collective understanding of, and vision for change. In doing so the approach is emergent, and works with group members as artists, storytellers and knowledge producers to create a process that responds to the aspirations of those involved. The approach is action oriented, building towards a performance that the group has ownership of. A participatory and multimodal performance arts approach works through the arts to build confidence, explore creativity and undertake inquiry that aims to make positive social change.

The approach aims to create space and time for participants to explore the issues, ideas and aspirations important to them through a reflexive, relational, and strength-based learning process that surfaces agentic acts. In doing so, knowledge is produced that can mediate dialogue with relevant audiences, and catalyse processes of change.