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Founded in 1921, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is the largest private university in Europe with 12 Faculties, 4 campuses (Milan, Rome, Piacenza-Cremona and Brescia), 80 specialized research labs, 2000 faculty members, and about 40.000 students. The UCSC team is led by Prof Camillo Regalia, Director of the Family Studies and Research University Centre. The other UCSC team members are Prof Cristina Giuliani, Dr Daniela Marzana (Department of Psychology) and Prof Zanfrini, Dr Francesca Mungiardi (Department of Sociology).

Several UCSC research centres and departments are involved in the MIMY project. The Family Studies and Research University Centre, founded in 1976, relies on a highly qualified team of psychology and sociology scholars and offers the opportunity for various multidisciplinary competencies related to the areas of migration with specific reference to integration process of migrant families and second generations youth, forced migration, personal and family resilience processes. Within the Department of Psychology, the Labsratory of Applied and Social Psychology aim to support and carry out empirical studies concerning social topics and issues linked to multiculturalism, immigration, psychology of community, young immigrants’ activism and their impact on personal/social well-being. Within the Department of Sociology, the Welfare, Work, Enterprise, Lifelong Learning Research Centre ( WWELL), led by Prof Laura Zanfrini, has formed as the result of the consolidation of studies, and competences developed on the following issues: international migrations, migrating integration in the labour market, organizational behaviour, human resource management, diversity management, corporate sustainability, local development, active labour market policies, unemployment and work mobility, professional training and its assessment, reforms of welfare regimes, employee welfare and work-life balance, gender structures in society and the workplace.

The UCSC team is the leader of the Work Package on exploring personal, family and social dimensions related to vulnerabilities and resources of young migrants in a multidisciplinary perspective, stressing the need to consider the intersections among micro-meso-macro levels of human behaviour. The UCSC team brings knowledge and skills from the academic disciplines of Social Psychology, Community Psychology, Sociology of Migrations and Interethnic Relations, spanning two academic departments – Psychology and Sociology.

Team members

Photo of Prof. Dr Camillo Regalia
Prof. Dr Camillo Regalia
Team Leader
Photo of Assistant Prof. Dr Cristina Giuliani
Assistant Prof. Dr Cristina Giuliani
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Prof. Dr Laura Zanfrini
Prof. Dr Laura Zanfrini
Team Member
Photo of Daniela Marzana
Daniela Marzana
Team Member
Photo of Francesca Mungiardi
Francesca Mungiardi
Team Member
Photo of Dr Eleonora Crapolicchio
Dr Eleonora Crapolicchio
Team Member
Photo of Giulia Carones
Giulia Carones
Team Member
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